14 photos that will make you want to pack your bags and travel to slovenia


Slovenia is a destination that is becoming more and more known by tourists each year that passes, and rightly so. Here is everything you could wish for, especially if you like natural beauty and charming towns.

Not convinced about the beauty of Slovenia? These 14 images will definitely make you want to pack your bags and travel to Slovenia.

Slap Savica

A beautiful waterfall beyond Lake Bohinj in Triglav National Park. After 10-15 minutes of walking, you will reach Slap Savica, which is like taken from a fairytale. The color of the water in this photo is exact the same in reality.

slap savica

Lake Bohinj

Although there are plenty of beautiful natural places in Europe, this is perhaps one of the finest natural areas. Bohinj is a real gem and the best part – It’s not full of tourists. The only visitors are a few camping enthusiasts and hikers.

Isn’t it beautiful?

bohinj lake


Lake Bled

Bled is the most popular place among tourists visiting Slovenia, and the lake itself is a big reason to the country’s uprising tourism. Here await picturesque views, boat trips along the lake and of course, spa treatments and massage.

The old monastery in the middle of the lake is the most famous attraction in Bled. It’s easy to get here as well since it’s only 40 minutes from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.


Renting a boat is a favorite activity among visitors in Lake Bled.

boat trip

The swans are an iconic part of Lake Bled, and aren’t they majestic? I love these birds.


Below, the famous church that lies in the middle of the water on a small islet. In recent years photos of this place have gone viral in Social Media, which has, of course, led to a rise in tourism.



A coastal town, which is unfortunately often forgotten. But the truth is that Koper is a small, yet beautiful city that lies close to the Italian and Croatian border.


Photo: Shutterstock


Slovenia is full of cozy little towns, both up in the mountains and on the countryside. Below, a little shepherd’s village in the mountains.



Ljubljana is without a doubt one of Europe’s coziest and charming capitals. The old heritage with influences from the old kingdom of Austria-Hungary can be seen through the iconic architecture. But, it’s not only beautiful old buildings. In Ljubljana, there’s also a really nice vibe going on.

The locals are friendly, and when you’re strolling around it’s like walking in a small town, but in a big format. The city has kept its charm and combined it with life and movement.


ljubljana kanal

Soca river

Water in this color is probably enough reason to travel to Slovenia. In the Soca River, one could go kayaking, and in nearby Tolmin, one could try canyoneering.

soca flodenPhoto:

Adrenaline rush

If you like adventures, then Slovenia is a country for you. There are plenty of nature experiences and activities that offer adventures for a lifetime, such as kayaking, water rafting, canyoneering, toboggan, zip lining and much more.

kayak slovenien

Convinced yet? Hopefully, you have opened up your eyes for Slovenia as a destination, and for me one thing is certain – I will definitely go back!