Business immigration Slovenia

Business immigration Slovenia

Business immigration Slovenia

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Business immigration Slovenia – A fresh start

To immigrate means to be legally present in some other country, especially if the purpose of immigration is business

You’ve just found out how Slovenia is a nice country to invest in. Of course, another thing, apart from earning money, is also tempting – living in this small country full of breath-taking landscapes and the coast which is small, but very original. What are the steps towards living in the former Yugoslav republic that won’t last forever? You will find out in no time.

Investing as a module for accomplishing business immigration Slovenia

As we told you above, there are many ways to earn money especially if you are determined to start with business immigration Slovenia. There is one thing that Slovenia still needs certain investments – tourism. This country is recognized as a potential frequently visited touristic destination in Europe. It is Slovenian charm mixed with European culture and style that attracts tourist from the neighborhood to come and explore the country. Therefore, if you are determined to start your own business in this country, you should focus your money on this industrial branch. This would also be your stepping stone which will you put close your final goal – business immigration Slovenia.

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Business immigration Slovenia can be done yourself or…

If you are ready to fight against the bureaucracy then you can start filling the application form together with the copy of your passport, Lease Contract (supposing that you rented the apartment) and the evidence of lunching a company in Slovenia. These documents are necessary to have a temporary residence permit. After getting a temporary residence permit, you might hand in the application for a residence permit which will be valid for a year. This will be enough to play the role of the owner of the company, likewise the role of the executive director. If you want to skip this part concerning business immigration Slovenia, you can hire some agency that will gladly do it instead of you (for a certain amount of money). If you don’t have time, but you have spare money to spend, don’t hesitate to call the agency which can deal with residence permits instead of you.

Start your own company

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