Business opportunities

Business opportunities in Slovenia

Business opportunities

Business opportunities

Business opportunities in Slovenia are reflected in the economic and business development of this country and represent an opportunity for many investors.

When we speak about reforms, Slovenia is one of the leaders in business reforms of 16 countries that were included in research of the most improved business environment. In period that is coming foreign investments are going to be crucial and medium-term investments also will support growth and manufacturing and infrastructural sectors. EU funds will support business in general, especially in SME sector which will bring many advantages to the EU integration for the whole region. Many companies are looking for presence in this region, so Slovenian government constantly works on country development and friendly environment for foreign investments.

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In years that are coming, due to the expanding of EU and accession to the WTO will make Business opportunities in Slovenia growing. Till now, industrial and manufacturing growth was not satisfying, so this will bring fixed costs of doing business, and also competition that is growing with enforced framework will facilitate many activities in Slovenia.

Opportunities for investments

The greatest opportunities for investments appear in food production, electronics, pharmaceutical, consumer durables, IT sector, and many others. All of these sectors are going to be very competitive for a longer period. There are also a lot of space for investments in service, science and education. Business opportunities in Slovenia as a transit country will include regions outside the capital city. This means that economic policies, industrial and manufacturing development will continue to encourage already existing competitiveness of industry and agriculture. Increased availability of the EU funds and also the technical support will be will be intensified. Economic expansion is seen in last few years, and because of that Slovenia was recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. This was shown through services sectors like telecommunications, banking and retail. Business opportunities in Slovenia are seen in agriculture because of ideal climate, growing presence and top quality. Low usage of pesticides and great areas for organic production makes this market very interesting.

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