Company incorporation Slovenia

Company incorporation Slovenia

Company incorporation Slovenia

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Basic information for company incorporation Slovenia

With a few basic steps company incorporation Slovenia can be done. There are many opportunities in the field of services and information technologies, but also in food industry, metal processing and in chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Slovenia is a country with a great geographical position. It borders on the west with Italy, with Croatia southwest and south, on the north there is Austria and Hungary on the northeast. With this position one between three different but interesting worlds: one is Mediterranean, second is Alpine and the third is Pannonian. At 2004 Slovenia become a part of European Union, and political and economic transition that experienced was huge. Highest GDP in whole Central Europe, well educated people and great infrastructure makes Slovenia interesting destination for doing business.

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For those who are looking for company incorporation Slovenia here are few simple steps how and what they have to do:

1. First thing to do is to choose an appropriate form of company incorporation Slovenia
2. Second thing to do is to obtain the necessary documentation which is required with translation on Slovene
3. Third thing is to acquisition for a Slovenian tax number which is needed for company founders or representatives
4. Then follows the implementation of whole procedure for company registration
5. And the last thing to do is to open a bank account for share capital which is a deposit at the same time.

There are no limitations or restrictions for foreigner investors and all of them receive treatment as full national legal entities. This means that both local and foreign company incorporation Slovenia are treated the same and equally with both of them.

Also, it is important to mention that there are no restrictions for all direct investments of foreigners or non-residents in Slovenia. There are some areas of investments which are limited by prohibitions. However, it is not allowed a participation of foreign capital in the activities such as gambling.

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Foreign individuals can have immovable property which is resolved with the reciprocity principle.

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