Company registration services

Company registration services

Company registration services

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Company registration services in Slovenia

If you are eager to find out how to deal with company registration services, this article is a definitive guide.

Developing business in Slovenia can be interesting if one know that the key attractions include facts such as skilled and well educated workforce, investment incentives, bordering to the EU and growing toward market of Eastern Europe, access to the market which includes over 2 million citizens and also multilateral and bilateral conventions which means that export/import costs are reduced or eliminated.

When we take a look of key economic indicators, we can for reason say that benefits of Slovenia are location between Balkans and Western Europe and also excellent infrastructure and well educated people. Economy of Slovenia has almost the highest level in European Union of state control, because there hasn’t been much privatization since 2002. Benefits of Slovenia are also a well-developed rail network which gives them a very good link to neighboring countries. Kopar is the largest port and a commercial link to the Central and Eastern Europe, but although the Mediterranean and countries along the Suez Canal which makes Slovenia a great place to invest.

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For those who want to set up their business in Slovenia there are company registration services which are provided by many agencies. In one place one can find all help and necessary information’s that is needed. Most of these things can be done and are based as online company registration services, and when this is finished one is on a way to start its business. There are many service centers that provide services to their clients who want to enter on Slovenian market and start their business. All of them offer a professional support and benefits for the client are that they know well Slovenian local market.

Company registration services are the same whether it is a local or foreign person or legal entity. Every one of them can establish and also register a company in Slovenia if they sign the Articles of Association (e.g. limited liability company Ltd.).

Registration procedure is the first thing to do for those who provide company registration services. The procedures of establishing business in Slovenia includes next:

  1. First thing to do is to make appointment of managers and public notary because of authorization of the Articles of Association which should be signed.
  2. Then the next step is to open an bank account, a temporary for local and foreign currency at the local bank that client select.
  3. Put the deposit as a founding capital
  4. To enter the Registers of Companies, one should fill out the application- 15 day is needed at least for the agreement on incorporation to be adopted
  5. Follows the registration of the company with Statistic and Tax Authority. This procedure of registration with agreement of incorporation takes two weeks approximately.

Start your own company

Limited liability company formation is the most common form of company for foreigners to open. These agencies also provide company registration services for Ltd companies. This is a company is a company which subscribed capital is composed by members. The contribution value may be different, but company must issue a member and a certificate which is a proof of holding stake.

One or more natural or legal persons can form Ltd Company, and maximum number of members is 50. More than 50 members could have those companies who have a permission that is granted by minister of economy.

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