Establishing a company

(d.o.o. – limited liability company)

(s.p. – sole proprietor)

In 3 steps

Starting a company with the help of our agency

Prospective entrepreneurs often mistakenly imagine that setting up a limited liability company (d.o.o.) is a long road and that it requires a large financial investment, which is unaffordable for many.

  • No more red tape, no more searching for information on setting up a limited liability company (d.o.o.). Call us and arrange everything in one place.
  • At Firmica d.o.o., we can help you overcome this obstacle.
  • A company can be set up by a natural or legal person, domestic, or foreign.

Setting up a limited liability company (d.o.o.) is done in a few steps. We prepare the whole procedure for you, you only need to visit a notary.

We can offer you a brand new companies with no operation, clean, without liabilities. We also intermediate the sale of older businesses that are clean, debt-free and no longer needed by their owners.

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How to open a company – s. p. or d. o. o.?

Establishing a sole proprietor (s.p.)

A sole proprietor is a natural person who pursues a gainful activity. You do not need start-up capital to set up an s.p., as you do to set up a d.o.o.. A sole proprietor (s.p.) is liable for all his assets when carrying out his/her activity, whereas in the case of a limited liability company (d.o.o.), the company is liable for all its assets. A sole proprietor is free to use the money in his/her business account.

To set up as a sole proprietor, all you need is a tax number and an identification document. We take care of the rest.

Establishing a limited liability company (d.o.o.)

A limited liability company (d.o.o.) can be established by a natural or legal person, domestic or foreign. One or more persons may be the owner. The owner of a limited liability company must appoint one or more managers (directors) in his/her company.

The share capital (basic capital) must be at least EUR 7 500 and each basic contribution must be at least EUR 50. A limited liability company can also be established with a contribution in kind of at least EUR 7 500. A limited liability company is liable with its assets. The partners are not liable for the company’s obligations. The use of the Company’s money is restricted to business purposes.

Conditions for establishing a company

The prospective partner and the prospective company representative, must both be present in person during the registration process. In the case of a multi-person company, all members and all representatives must be present. The transfer of the company to the new partner can also be arranged through a special power of attorney.

To open a business (s.p. or d.o.o.), you will need: a valid identity document, a tax number, the certified consent of the owner of the flat or house where your business address and registered office will be registered, if you are not the owner of the property.

The consent is notarised by the property owner at the Administrative Unit or a notary public. You will need the original Declaration of Business Address and Registered Office at the notary’s office on the day of the transfer of 100% of the business to your name or when the sole proprietor is registered in the commercial register.

The share capital (basic capital) must be at least EUR 7 500 and each basic contribution must be at least EUR 50. The basic contribution can be provided in cash or in kind.

A person who is restricted under Article 10a of the Companies and Entrepreneurs Act (ZGD-1) from forming companies and entrepreneurs, and thus from becoming a partner, cannot become a founder, partner or entrepreneur.

What can we arrange for you?

can we arrange
for you?

  • Verifying the company’s name in the commercial/court register.
  • Verification under Article 10.a of the Companies Act (ZGD-1).
  • Assistance in the selection of the main activity and the registration of the other activities in which the company will operate.
  • We advise on the choice of a legal entity (s.p. or d.o.o.).
  • We provide an initial capital of at least EUR 7,500, as required by the Companies Act (ZGD-1).
  • We prepare the documentation for setting up a limited liability company (d.o.o.) or help you prepare the documentation for establishing a sole proprietor.
  • We offer you a credible business address and company headquarters, thus renting Virtual Office services.
  • We offer accounting services for your company or sole proprietor.
  • We can help you fill in the forms to apply for a business bank account.

What is the investment if I buy a company?

If you buy a company, you do not need share capital, which is legally required to be at least EUR 7 500. The capital has already been paid in when the company was established.

For a quotation on the purchase of a company, please contact us on 041 823 888, 040 823 888, 070 823 888 aor simply send us an e-mail to our e-mail address [email protected]. Please let us know your requirements and wishes regarding the purchase of the company, and any other questions you may have regarding your interest in purchasing the company for yourself. We will reply with the current range of companies we have on sale at the date of your enquiry.

Just three steps to your new company!

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