EU company formation

EU company formation

EU company formation

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What is EU company formation and can it be established in Slovenia?

When we mention Slovenia it is always associations of a country that is one of the most exciting business regions in Europe. This article is about EU company formation in this country.

With the balanced fiscal policies Slovenia achieved a stable economy growth and becoming a member of EU in 2004 it is very interesting destination for business establishment.

As European country Slovenia has many advantages and characteristics which attract tourists and business people to come not just for a visit but also do made business agreements. Slovenia is also the first of all Yugoslavian countries that join EU and according to this continues to work on development of natural and business possibilities for investment, like for example wine industry, tourism, infrastructure, etc. as a country which has all natural beauties in one place tourists and visitors returns every year to enjoy this beauties and culture. This also brings many investors to Slovenia.

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Eu company formation means formally “SE” and this is abbreviation for Latin word “Societas Europae”. It is actually a European public limited company and like that can be formed by any state which is member of the European Economic Area. This concept was proposed 30 years ago and nowadays it is accepted by all members of European Union.

The Eu company formation and maintenance of it is governed by two parts of which consists the European Statute, and those parts are a Regulation and a Directive on employee involvement. This is something that was planned to be reflected in national legislations of states that are members of EU. Almost all countries, and also the Slovenia, have implemented this legislation.

Things that must be done for Eu company formation to be set up are:

1. There must be formed a holding company by public or private ltd companies from minimum two different countries that are Member States.
2. Merging two or more existing public limited companies is limited on at last two different countries members.
3. Establishment of subsidiary must be from at least two different stare that are members of EU
4. Conversion of a public ltd company, which is incorporated under the national law, must have had subsidiary for at least two years in another state member of EU.

How is a Eu company formation – SE structured?

We can for sure say that there are few ways how SE can be formed: first is by merger, then by a holding company, as a subsidiary or by transforming PLC into Eu company formation-SE. when is registered, Se became legal person. The head office of SE must be in a Member State and some of them require both the head office and a registered office to be at the same address, not just to have registered office in a Member State. The share capital of SE, regardless of the currency, that is required is minimum at least €120,000.

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How is managed SE?

Managing SE can be structured in two different systems which require either a one-tier system or two-tier system of administration. In one-tier system, an administrative organ is above the management, but in a two-tier system, management is retrieved by a ‘management organ’ and what is important it has separate ‘supervisory organ’ that supervises all work that is done by the management organ.

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