Buy a Ready Made LLC Company

What kind of companies do you offer?
The most frequent form of incorporation is the Limited Liability Company LLC, which requires initial capital to be established.

How is this company established?
Company is established with a minimum of initial capital and then we raise the money in the form of a loan. When taking the ownership of your new corporation you take the debt to your company in the amount of the initial capital that you must return within a certain time to the company.
This method of purchase is a normal commercial practice.

How can I return the capital?
Capital can be returned in the form of remittances on the current account or in the form of tangible input, travel expenditure compensation, etc.

What is the price?
You can choose between different packages. Price is different from the type of the package. You can find packages with price HERE

What is in this package?

  • establishment of the company,
  • deposit of the initial capital (you DO NOT need start-up capital for opening LLC),
  • FREE bank account with web banking,
  • 10% discount on our services for trademark registration,
  • FREE advice in determining the company’s activities,
  • FREE advice where to open a second bank account (savings of up to 250 € per year).

When can I start to operate with the new company?
Business activities can start when the company is registered in the business register.

What about a bank account? Do I get one?
Yes, you do. You receive a bank account in the package.

What documents do I need before setting up my business? How long does the whole process takes?
We need scanned and translated documents confirmed at the public notary before establishing a company.
To start a process we have to obtain a Slovenian tax number and confirmation from the Slovenian Ministry of Justice regarding your criminal record. That takes about 3-4 days if we have all the documents ready. The transcript can be done in 1/2 h after we obtain all the information we need from your side. Then we wait for Slovenian business register to register your company in the business register.

What is the process for starting a business and acquiring the LLC for a foreigner?
We need you to fill in the Form which we need for entry, then we send you an invoice. When we receive the money on our account we can meet each other at the public notary to sign the contracts. The owner and the manager have to be present at the same time at the notary.

What are the costs at the notary if there are two company owners?
For Slovenia the notary fee for one owner is 250 € and 350 € for two owners.
Contact us if you need the price for other countries.

Is the company stamp necessary?
It is not necessary to have a stamp. But it is often desirable. A stamp gives some additional credibility. A stamp gives more credibility (at least at first sight) to a document consisting of a single signature.

Does the company have to have a manager?
Yes, it does.

Does the company have a VAT identification number?
No, it does not. But you can also order one if you want. The price for a company with a VAT number is higher. If there aren’t any in stock, the waiting period is usually about 2 months.

How do I get a VAT ID?
It is necessary to fill in the VAT-P2 form send it to the Tax Administration office or via e-tax.

How do I get Slovenian tax number as a person?
You have to go to the Tax Administration office in Slovenia with your passport and they give you a tax number you need when buying a company in Slovenia.

Or you can contact us. Together we will fill in the DR-02 form. The form has to be signed by you and must not be scanned. It has to be handwritten. To obtain a Slovenian tax number, you need to authorize us to do so. The authorization has to be handwritten as well. Plus we will need a copy of your identity card or your passport.

How to choose a name for the company?
When you specify the name of the company, it would be beneficial that you are familiar with the provisions of the Companies Act in Slovenia. The name must be Slovenian and must not contain y, x, q and w. It can be devised to make a new name. It can also be a word from a dead language like the old Latin. You can also call us or write and we will help you.

If we buy an already established company that has already operated for some time how do we know what is its past performance?
You cannot know. That’s why we do not sell old companies, but only new ones founded for resale.

Is the company immediately registered to my name?
Yes, it is. We have a company in stock and we can make registration to your name as we obtain all the documents we need.

What does it mean when I buy an LLC? Am I a full owner?
Yes, you are. You have full ownership.

Do I need to be present at notary at the time of registration?
Yes, you do.

Can a foreign company buy a company in Slovenia, and what is the process?
Yes, they can. The company and the owner of the company both have to get a Slovenian tax number. We also need to make a request to the Slovenian Ministry of Justice for data from the criminal records of individuals to receive confirmation. After this we can make a registration of the company at the notary.

The statute of the company must be as extensive as possible: import export, sales, etc.
OK. No, problem.

I have to set up a company that is the easiest and the cheapest today.
This is a LLC that we offer.

I bought a company, but I don’t need it anymore.
You can sell. We can arrange a buyer for this company. After the payment, a registration is made ​​by a notary. If there is one owner then the price for a notary is 500 €. We can prepare all the documents for you.

What are the laws governing the establishment in Slovenia?
The Companies Act.

firmica-ico CARS & THE COMPANY:

Can I buy a car in the name of the new company from other country?
Yes, you can.

What is the procedure to import a car?
You have to have all the data about the car you want to import and then we start the procedure.

What is the cost of importing a car to a new company?
The cost depends on the price of the car, the type of engine, etc.

The procedure for obtaining the Slovenian registration plates for a car?
Personal appearance of the seller and at an administrative unit or an authorized service centre, where the registration is carried out. If you carry out a registration at an administrative unit, the buyer must also pre-arrange an insurance. Registration plates are bought at an authorized service centre.

Do you also arrange insurance for imported cars?
No, we do not. We have a partner who makes insurances and with whom you associate.

firmica-ico BOOKKEEPING:

Do you offer accounting and bookkeeping service?
Yes, we do. We have our internal accounting service.

What are the financial costs of bookkeeping per month?
The start-up package is around 100 € per month. To make you a special offer we need to know more about the company: how many employees will be in the company, how many invoices would be issued and received per month, etc.

firmica-ico BANK:

Does a bank offer a credit card?
Yes, they do. They offer MasterCard.

Is the bank account accessible over the internet?
Yes, it is.

Can I close the bank account? 
Yes, you can.

Can I have two bank accounts in a company?
Yes, you can.

firmica-ico VIRTUAL OFFICE:

Do you offer a virtual office?
Yes, we do.

Do you offer a virtual address?
Yes, we do.

What happens to the mail that comes to a virtual address? What about forwarding? Do you have a call centre? 
The mail that comes to virtual address is re-sent to your desired address. We do not have a call-centre but we have a partner who has. We can connect you with them.

firmica-ico WORK PERMIT:

Do you also offer help with the work permit?
Yes. Foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union and want to work in Slovenia need a work permit.
Work permits in Slovenia are divided into three categories: personal work permit, employment permit and work permit. There are several different kinds of permits within each category. Since we know the regulations very well, we can advise you on the appropriate type of permit. We will also take care of all necessary documentation.
If you have founded a company in Slovenia as a foreigner and you are its representative, you need a work permit as a foreign company representative. We will help you arrange all the documentation.

What about obtaining a visa for Slovenia, can you help me?
We can provide information where to get it.

Does a citizen of the EU countries need a work permit after buying a company in Slovenia?
No, they do not. They only need a confirmation that they are EU nationals.

What is the cost to obtain a temporary work permit and a temporary residence permit in Slovenia?
500 € per person.

How much time is required to obtain a temporary work permit and a temporary residence permit in Slovenia?
Up to 60 days from the time the company is entered into the register.

What documents do I need to get the permissions?
We need a regular display company from the register, a seal of the company, a copy of the identity document of the manager, translated and certified passport of the owner, confirmation that the owner has no criminal proceedings against them by the police and from the country they are coming from.

How long does the whole process last?
It takes about 60 days if you need a temporary work permit and temporary residence permit. 

Croatia enters the EU on 1.7.2013. Do Croatian citizens needs a temporary work permit and temporary residence permit in order to work in Slovenia?

firmica-ico WHO WE ARE:

We offer a wide range of services to make it easier to incorporate and do business in Slovenian, Serbia, Croatia, and Austria and in the European market. With our help you will save a great deal of time.
In order for you to be able to completely dedicate yourself to work, we offer representation and assistance in administrative procedures. Our consultancy experts in the fields of taxes, labour legislation, personnel and entrepreneurship will provide you with quick and useful answers to your questions in all phases of your companies’ business operations.

We are on your side all the time. We help you:
Before establishment:

  • Obtaining of a Slovenian tax number for individuals or legal entities who are establishing or representing a new company
  • Tax, legal and business consultancy
  • Translation of documents
  • Market research

During establishment:

  • Tax, legal and business consultancy
  • Establishment of new companies
  • Acquisition of existing companies
  • Translation and interpreting services

After establishment:

  • Obtaining work permit and residence permit
  • Virtual office
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Employment (finding personnel, selection procedures, contracts etc.)
  • Purchase and rental of real estate

We are here for you. We will help you to arrange everything you need for your business operations in one place. You can be sure that we will strive to meet your requirements.

Where can I get more information?
For any additional questions, please contact us on telephone number 00386 41 823 888 or e-mail: [email protected] or Skype us.

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