Immigration to Slovenia by investment

Immigration to Slovenia by investment

Immigration to Slovenia by investment

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Does it pay immigration to Slovenia by investment?

All EU states have that privilege of free movement between each other for worker applies. Work permit for citizen of EU is not required for those who want to enter Slovenian labour market, but for those who are not citizen of EU countries they have to gain only the basis work permit.

So, there is the question that should be answered: Does it pay immigration to Slovenia by investment?

If you are looking for a place to live in Europe, Slovenia is a country which is very interesting for foreigners (third-country citizens). The most common and also the most certain way for them to get a residence permit is to open a company and in that way obtain a work permit (foreign representatives and majority owners).

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Those who are interested in immigration to Slovenia by investment, it could be interesting to know that Slovenian government has adopted the Strategy of Economic Migration, a strategic document in terms of possible negative demographic trends, but also to achieve the harmonization of the European migration policy and other economic factors which could be important. Effective management is described in ten strategic mechanisms, and there are parts which includes promotion of migrant entrepreneurship, better integration of foreigners and immigrants, etc.

Opening a company in Slovenia as we already says is one of the most common ways to obtain a residence permit, if there is no other condition that one can meet. If someone is ready for immigration to Slovenia by investment, there are things that should be done to establish a company.

First thing to do is to obtain an ID number called EMŠO number and also a Slovenian tax. Then one should make a reservation of name of the company and the registration procedure to DATA starts. For this one will need a tax number, passport copy and deposit of 7,500 EUR as a founding capital. All this can be finished in a week or few days more. When company is established one can start a procedure to obtain a work permit. After one receives a work permit, procedure for getting residence permit can start.

Start your own company

2 comments on “Immigration to Slovenia by investment
  1. behari v sahai says:

    we are interested to put a unit to process india basmati semi processed rice into full white processing and packing.
    As there is a consumption of about 350 tons per day OF BASMATI RICE in countries like ITALY, AUSTRIA,GERMANY,FRANCE, HOLLAND, BELGIUM ……, on import of finished rice there is a duty of 175 euro per ton but if imported semi finished then duty is zero.
    we have few good technical know how to process such rice to finish and pack this rice with an additional all costs in Slovenia for maximum of euro 45 per ton.
    therefore we are interested to make such investment in Slovenia ( WITHIN 100km from Koper )for processing of semi finished rice.
    I will be greatfull if you can kindly let us know the cost for formation of a company and immigration permission for 2 technical person from India.
    Best Regards

    • Dear Mr. Sahai,
      thank you for contacting our company. We can help you with formating a company in Slovenia.

      To start our cooperation a customer has to have a valid passport and a certificate of no criminal record in the country of his residence. For the remote registration we’ll need a power of attorney, so, please, let me know which form of registration you’re interested in.

      Kind Regards

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