Investment Slovenia

Investment Slovenia

Investment Slovenia

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Investment Slovenia – Interesting facts

Want to start your own company in foreign country? Investment Slovenia may be the wise solution. In this article you will find out why.

Making investment Slovenia could potentially be one of the biggest steps you make, with happy ending, of course. Slovenia is among top countries in transition in the region, according to some studies. Besides wonderful locations, healthy life and magnificent potential for business infrastructure, this country open handed receives foreign investments. Are you considering this option perhaps? If so, read this brief article on making investment Slovenia.

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Some of the best locations to invest in

As you may know, Ljubljana is the capitol of Slovenia and potentially the best place for foreign investments in large projects. However, this country is hiding some unrevealed jewelries under its belt. Those are province locations and places with splendid nature life, educated workforce and good conditions for building a business. Some of the biggest places are Maribor, Celje, Velenje, Kranj and Koper. Beside cities, small places like Laško and Novo Mesto might be very interesting business targets for potential investors.

What is the most common type of business there?

The most common type of business structure is LLC (Limited Liability Company). This type is by far the best solution for making a startup investment Slovenia, with minimal costs and also minimal risks for the investment. Corporation may be the best in cases there are few investors who are not willing to risk large amount of money on the new market. This is completely natural flow of events. On the other hand, there are some investors who are planning a long term placement in Slovenia and take higher risks to achieve their goals. For the truth, vast majority of foreign invest projects are successful ones, because of factors such as low workforce payment costs, already existing infrastructure and country’s legislation.

Domestic workforce is ready

One thing that should be a decision changer (for better, of course) is that domestic people are very well skilled for various types of works. Educated population, with highly skilled physical works people are a guarantee for success if you know the fact that they are affordable as well. All these factors should be carefully considered before making an investment.

Start your own company

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