Limited company liability Slovenia

Opening a limited liability company in Slovenia is divided into 5 points:

Limited company liability Slovenia

What should you know about Limited company liability Slovenia

Opening limited liability company in Slovenia is a simple task and takes just 5 steps. It is also very quick since it only takes around several days. The number of documents is also quite small. You just need a valid government issued ID, deposit 7500 €, tax number and share in capital. To sum up the points: step 1 – go to our office and prepare documents; step 2 – open a temporary bank account; step 3 – provide payment information; step 4 – receive resolution on registration; step 5 – open a normal business bank account. Process is the same if you are a legal entity or a person – you can open limited liability company with such ease, compared to other countries. So give it a shot with our company!

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Either physically register it at a VEM point, or digitally at e-VEM – a digital certificate is required; it is free of charge. Your company must meet this criteria:

• all contributions are paid in cash prior to the submission of a proposal
• a standard company contract is adopted and cannot be changed
• in the case of a single-member limited liability company, the company member keeps the register of decisions in an electronic form.
If you do not meet these conditions, you must consult a notary.

It takes the same amount of time either by VEM or e-VEM.
One of the founders, directors, procurators or a duly authorized person may handle the establishment procedure of a limited liability company at the VEM.
The registration requires the following documents:

1. Papers to identify a foreign person:
• personal identity document
• Slovenian tax number for the individual
• share in capital

2. A foreign legal entity:
• extract from the company register for the foreign company (abbreviated version), with certified translation in Slovenian
• personal documents of founders and representatives – if representatives are foreigners, they must provide Slovenian tax numbers
• Slovenian tax number for legal entities
• share in capital

At the VEM point the following data is required:
• on founders;
• on representatives;
• on the full registered name of the company;
• on the company address (head office);
• on the company’s activity
• assessment of revenues and expenses for the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

Step 2: Opening a temporary account
You deposit share capital of 7,500 €. Using the document ‘articles of association’, an individual opens a temporary bank account in which the founding capital is deposited.

Step 3: Payment confirmation
An individual sends the confirmation of payment to VEM.

Step 4: Resolution on registration
You receive Resolution on Registration a few days after submitting the application to the court. On average, applications are processed in four days. The tax number of the new company will be received together with the Resolution on Registration.

Step 5: Opening a bank account
After receiving the Resolution on Registration from the court, you can go to the bank, where you opened the temporary account and transform the account into a normal business account.

Opening a limited liability company in Slovenia in 24h

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