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Here are some data about establishing L.L.C. in Bulgaria and taxation in Bulgaria.

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The Bulgarian tax system:

  • Taxes on earnings : 10%
  • Taxes on dividends : 5%
  • Wages of workers on average ranging from 200 to 400 euro per month. Contributions to earnings of EUR 200 per month are EUR 50 per month.
  • VAT 20%

Importatnt thing about taxes is that  Bulgaria has signed agreements for the avoidance of double taxation with many countries in the world (United Kingdom, Turkey, Russia, etc.). That means taxes will be paid only in one country. And in this case you can decide that this country is Bulgaria, where taxes are a lot lower than in other countries.

The cost of starting a company in VAT system:

– Establishment  l.l.c. company

– Notary fees, certified translator, preparation of the complete documentation

– Opening a bank account and electronic banking

– Headquarters

TIME: 15 days setting up a company +15 days to register in the VAT system


TOTAL = € 4,500.00


Cost accounting is approximately € 300.00 / month, depending on the volume of business.

Important is also the  fact that the company registration can be done from another country, without the investor coming to Bulgaria physically ( with power of attorney).

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