Patent Registration

Protection of trademark, patent or design

Trademark can be a slogan, a phrase, a logo, or a combination, differentiating your product or business from others. With the trademark we obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark in the economy for labelling of goods or services.

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The process of trademark registration:

A. Previous query: We can submit a request for registration for you:

  1. we recommend what it should be like,
  2. we duly inquire about its correctness and
  3. arrange the registration process and help with the application.

This phase of the registration is otherwise optional, but extremely important. It is desirable that appropriate databases are previously checked for the already registered trademarks.

B. Filing of application: Trademark application, which we prepare for you, includes the following:

  1. properly filled in applications for trademark registration,
  2. proper identification and classification of goods and services according to the International (Nice) classification of goods and services,
  3. trademark representation in five copies,
  4. taking into consideration of exceptions, such as protection of the acoustic mark where certain additional conditions are determined,
  5. paying the application fee,
  6. representative authorization.

The application is submitted in three copies.

C. Formal test, by which the office determines whether the application satisfies the requirements of the Industrial Property Act and the Rules on trademark content. After completion of the official examination of the application, the office examines whether the registered trademark can be registered as a trademark taking into account the absolute grounds for trademark refusal.

D. We can also arrange the objection to the registration. A holder of previously registered identical or similar trademark may, within three months from the date of application publication, file a notice of objection to the registration. If the objection to the trademark registration has not been filed or the office finds that it is unfounded, they invite the applicant of the trademark to pay the registration fee.

The registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date on which the application was made. Its validity can also be extended indefinitely for the period.

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