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Registration company

Definition of company says that company is legal entity which is apart of its members, an administrative, centralized and economic structure which is running by its managers. In other words, it is an association of individuals legal or private or mixture of both whom as a company members share common purpose and units.

When we speak about companies we mostly think about SMEs enterprise (small and medium-sized businesses) or company whose number of personnel is defined in certain limits. The acronym “SME” is used and defined in EU and by some international institutions such as WTO, World Bank and UN. SME is interesting also because of ‘responsibility’ of making innovations and competitive atmosphere in many economic sectors.

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Registration company procedure is important and defined by law, and also it improves the functioning and development of company. This procedure is classified in two stages, The Pre-Incorporation Stage and The Post-Incorporation Stage, where both of them includes filling of certain documentation, fees and other duties that is prescribed by Company Registrar. What is also important is the fact that for SME registration can apply any type of company (enterprise) and this includes for example companies run by association of individuals, partnership firms, etc. When registration process is over, company has eligibility to have MSMED Act benefits.

Registration company procedure has next steps:

In Pre-Incorporation Stage (pre-investment stage) a provincial registration is guaranteed to the enterprise, and after getting this, a company can apply for permanent registration. This is possible just before initiation of production. But a company that already runs its production and functioning already doesn’t need to apply for provincial registration, however they have right to apply for permanent registration. SME companies which include micro, small and medium categories are divided further into two types of industries such as manufacturing and service industry.

Trademark registration is also important in registration company procedure. This unique business mark defines your business activities and provides an incentive for company to invest in quality and improvement of its products, in order to maintain good reputation.

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