Residence permit Slovenia

How to get a residence permit Slovenia?

The fastest way to get a residence permit

Residence permit Slovenia

Residence permit Slovenia

In the past obtaining a Slovenian residence permit was a must for getting a work permit, but from September 2015 there is a new law that regulates residence, employment and work of foreigners from the so-called third countries that are not members of European Union, EEA or Switzerland. The new law brings some changes for obtaining a residence permit. For now on there are not two permits anymore, but residence and work permit are united in one single permit that allows staying and working in Slovenia for foreign people.

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Due to the current changes of the law many informations you can find over the internet is not correct anymore, so it is really important that in the process of obtaining a residence permit Slovenia you get a word of advice from someone, who have knowledge and understanding of new regulations. Contact us and we will explain you everything you should know about permits for living and working is Slovenia. We can also help you get a Slovenian residence and work permit for you or your workers.

It is true that the new law makes the whole process of obtaining a permit much easier, but on the other hand there are some new requirements that a person who is applying for a single work and residence permit Slovenia has to fulfill. There are also some important changes and new conditions in obtaining the permit for foreign representatives. We are available for all further information about new legislation and about new ‘all in one’ permit that a foreign citizen allows to become a resident of Slovenia and also work there. If you need any help with obtaining a residence permit Slovenia, we would really like to help you!

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