Slovenian company register

Slovenian company register

Slovenian company register

Basic info about Slovenian company register

Not all the laws are the same, so if you are looking for some information about Slovenian company register, there are some things you need to learn about. We cannot give you all the necessary info here, but what we can do is to direct you the right way, so that starting a new business be as easy as possible. Everybody needs some friendly pieces of advice, so here you have the chance to get them. Our mission is to encourage you, so that you would do business well!

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Learn the law!

So, wherever you plan to start new business, you need to learn some basis of the law of that country. Before you start thinking about Slovenian company register, you need to learn all there is about Slovenia business law. Maybe some of the rules are different form where you live (if you are a foreigner wanting to do Slovenian company register) or maybe some rules have changed. There are so many agencies which provide services of that kind, so arrange a meeting, invest some money in that, so that what you plan to do has no problems in future. All the states have lots of different organizations whose task is to provide such professional services, so yours is to try to find the best one. Look for some reviews on internet, ask some friends of yours who have already started their business, and you will find the right team to help you become successful.

Specialized agencies

Everybody who is interested in Slovenian company register should know something about these agencies. Specialized Agency is a company which provides the public with some necessary information from the Slovenian Business Register. There are two ways they use to provide people with that: one of them is via direct access to information by using special application; the second way is by providing people with printouts of all the needs data from the Slovenian Business Register. So, for all those who would like things to be professionally and clearly finished, this is a very important step. If you want to learn more about benefits of using this, stay with us!

Closer look into specialized agency

So, you may wonder, once you have started thinking and working on Slovenian company register, what are the things that you get when you decide to use specialized agency services. There are many different sections, among which are: companies (which includes both partnerships and corporations, as well as sole proprietors); you have certain legal entities which are governed by private law; there are also subsidiaries and some other divisions of many business entities; there are also natural persons whose activity is to perform registered or regulated activities; there are societies as well. As you can see, the field of their duties is enormous, so you can be sure that they are the ones which can help you do whatever you have in mind. And not just do, but do it successfully!

Open a company in Slovenia

2 comments on “Slovenian company register
  1. hussain says:

    kindly forward the cost of company registration ,work permit and residency permit at the earliest also if done on proxy basis ,where client does not have to be present.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding work and residency permit upon formating company in Slovenia.

    Firmica is the leading shelf-company selling company for Slovenia and the Western Balkans.

    Non-EU citizens can get a residence permit in Slovenia through the employment in their own companies. It supposes the following steps: purchase of a company, obtaining a work permit, obtaining a residence permit. This is the legal procedure. Client do not have to be present at the notary public when transcription of the company because we can do that with Power of Attorney.

    We can provide representation and assistance with administrative procedures. Our experts help you at taxes, labor, legal, human resources and entrepreneurial counseling guarantee prompt and helpful answers to questions at all stages of your business enterprise .

    Kind regards
    Firmica Team

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