Digitise your business address and mail!

  • Have you started a business but do not have a proper business address and registered office?
  • Would you like to separate your personal life from your business life?
  • Having trouble getting the owner’s consent for a business address?
  • Do you work from different locations and only need a business address and a registered office for your mail?
  • Need a secure address to receive mail and parcels?
  • Would you like an address that gives credibility to your company?
  • Would you like to be digitally notified of your incoming mail on a daily basis?

    All mail, phone calls and fax messages are received by us and forwarded to you.

The solution is a virtual office or a rented address!


In the modern age of internet technologies and communications, receiving physical mail has become an annoyance from a bygone era, but one that cannot be avoided. Today, work activities are done interactively and physical space is losing its importance. However, it remains a legal necessity for a company or sole trader to have a physical business address and registered office.

Physical business address?

Although the physical postal address is no longer part of the business process and is no longer used for this purpose, it is still the company’s official address for delivering mail. And while these are rare, they are usually important notifications that need to be responded to quickly. That is why checking your mailbox every day is a MUST. By hiring virtual office services, you can put an end to this.

Rapid response

Your business address in Ljubljana set within one hour. Free advice.™. Digitise your physical mail with a virtual office!

Our virtual office service allows you to receive physical mail immediately to your email address. Regularly checking your physical mailbox is a thing of the past with a virtual office.


The virtual office can also do other office work for you.

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