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Ar you thinking of closing your company? Is business not running? Do you only have bank and accounting costs? Would you like to avoid the costs of closing your company?

Is your company clean, free of debts and liabilities, free of business bank account blockages, real estate, inventories and fixed assets?

a company?

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Fill in the form or send your company details together with the documentation to [email protected]:

  • the gross balance sheet as at today’s date, including all accounts,
  • a tax card,
  • a certificate if you are in the VAT system (whether you are monthly, quarterly or atypical),
  • tax and contribution payment certificate,
  • M1 form if anyone is employed at the company,
  • provide confirmation of submitted payroll withholding tax forms,
  • a certificate of submission of the balance sheet to Ajpes and FURS. This is provided by your accountant.
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If you would like immediate information about the possibility of selling your company, please call us on:

041 823 888 or 070 823 888, share your company details and together we can look into the possibilities of selling your company.

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You can earn money and avoid the high costs of closing your company with a notary and the two months wait!

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