Accounting is compulsory in Slovenia. A company can hire an accountancy service to do its bookkeeping, which is particularly suitable for smaller companies that would find it cost prohibitive to have their own accountant.

Outsourcing accounting services is an affordable and quality-oriented solution, as accounting services are specialists in their field.

Why accounting with

  • we protect your data and comply with the GDPR,
  • we assign you a personal guardian,
  • you save time and money by leaving us to do the work,
  • we are covered by professional liability,
  • we have many references in both business and the public sector,
  • we have a lot of satisfied customers,
  • we provide our services in accordance with Slovenian accounting standards,

How does accounting
with us work?

You can send us your documents digitally by emailing them scanned, you can send them to us by regular mail to save valuable time, or you can deliver them in person if you prefer.

Our accounting department takes all your documents, organises them and enters them into a carefully secured IT system. If necessary, we export reports to AJPES, FURS and other state authorities. We can prepare various reports and payrolls for your needs, and make payments through your account on your behalf. Our accounting department will keep careful records of the payments you receive and make. With our IT system, we can provide you with reports at any time to help you make optimal business decisions.

Paper free

Firmica d.o.o.’s accounting department also receives documents in digital form, thus contributing to the preservation of forests and unspoilt nature.

The scanned or digitised documents will be entered into the IT system by our accounting department, used to produce reports, payroll and to make payments on your behalf from your business accounts. With a digital approach, your books will be up-to-date at all times and you will retain physical access to the original documents. If you need a quick overview, you can access them with just one click through our information system.


Firmica d.o.o. accounting uses the highly integrated Vasco business information system, which is based on a paperless approach. It is suitable for systematising and managing all business areas and functions in companies. Our accountants are also proficient in other IT solutions such as SAOP (budget users), SAP/R3, AMS+++, Hermes, Calculus,4, RAIS, BITIS, MiniMax and the list goes on.

If you choose our services and become a customer, you do not need to change your IT system. With us, you will get a personal accountant who will adapt perfectly to the IT system you are currently using.

Would you like to start
cooperating with us?

What sets us apart from the big accountancy services is the personal relationship we have with each of our clients. We create a personal relationship with the client by assigning a personal accountant who knows the client’s business, its specificities, its accounting needs, the IT system it already uses and other important or less important details. We will first have an information meeting with you, at which you will tell us your expectations, requirements and the services you want your personal accountant to provide for you.

Based on the information we gather about your expectations and requirements, we will make you an offer. The offer is non-binding and always open to adjustments. A definitive offer perfectly aligned with your requirements. Once you have accepted the offer, we will invite you to a follow-up meeting where we will sign the cooperation agreement together and take over all your business and other documentation, which we will transfer to our IT system and then start the accounting work. We will keep you up-to-date with key developments in legislation, tax and the world of business through our e-newsletter.

Top 10
reasons for
choosing Firmica d.o.o.

We are always at your disposal

Friendly and professional staff: our accountants are highly qualified professionals with extensive work experience. We require them to keep up-to-date with training, legal changes and new standards. Our objective approach to accounting ensures we quickly generate the key information you need to make business decisions.

Zero recruitment costs

By entrusting your accounting to us, you will not have to waste time on staffing issues when recruiting accountants. You will not need to advertise vacancies in the media, but will instead spend your time reviewing applications on your company’s core profitable business.

Reducing operating costs

Why pay the full salary of one accountant when you can hire a whole team of accountants from us for a fraction of that salary? We are cheaper and more reliable.

Tailored to your business and scale of operations

We take care of books for micro and small companies, sole proprietors, craftsmen, institutions, cooperatives, professional athletes, doctors, associations… Every cooperation starts with a meeting during which we adapt our offer to your requirements.

Use of modern information technologies

We carefully organise the documents you entrust to us using cutting-edge IT technology.

Keeping the focus on the company's objectives

Accounting is a role that a modern company does not need in-house. Having your own accounting department creates additional unnecessary labour costs, consumes working space. This allows the company and its employees to focus on the company’s core objectives and outsource the accounting to Firmica Accounting.

Accuracy and timeliness

Podatke, ki sestavljajo vaše poslovne knjige, ažuriramo v minimalnem času. This way, you have all the information you need about the state of your business at all times.

Reduction of overheads

By hiring an external accountant, you also reduce management costs, rent additional premises, save on information costs due to changes in legal regulations and on costs associated with the introduction of IT.

Regular updates

Our clients are among the first to receive the most important information regarding legal and other changes in the business world and in FIRMICA.

Keeping the focus on the company's objectives

Accounting is a role that a modern company does not need in-house. Having your own accounting department creates additional unnecessary labour costs, consumes working space. This allows the company and its employees to focus on the company’s core objectives and outsource the accounting to Firmica Accounting.

Why change your accounting service?

The answer is simple: you should not just settle for an accountancy service to keep the books for you in accordance with the law and the standards and regulations. A good accounting service needs to understand the dynamics of your business, because only then can it prepare the documentation at a systematic level that allows it to produce the legally required reports and information that the manager will need to make business decisions.

At Firmica d.o.o. Accounting, we offer a comprehensive range of accounting, financial, business and other support services that enable you to make significant savings, provide reliable and quality accounting and financial services and, most importantly, simplify and manage your business more efficiently.

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When to switch?

Changing accounting service providers has been made much easier by electronic accounting. Of course, there is no time limit on the service you can change. The changeover to the new accounting system takes place at the end of the month or at the end of the year. If there is a change of accounting service at the end of the year, the old accounting service must prepare the annual report for the previous year.

So your old accounting office prepares the documentation on the transfer date, the cut-off date, in electronic format and emails it to your new accounting office. You also pick up the documentation in physical form. Deliver the current year’s documentation to the new accounting office, and keep the remaining documentation, as all business records must be kept for 10 years.

How to switch?

Pay attention to the notice period specified in the contract you signed with the accounting service. The average notice period is three months, which is also when the handover takes place. Do not forget the handover notes when you take over the documentation.

The accounting documentation (PDF, XML, TXT,…) is sent by e-mail (to the e-mail address of the new accountant)
You take possession of all the company’s documents and store them. List of accounting and business documentation to be handed over by the accounting service at the time of the changeover to the new accounting service.

Which documents?

  • Received invoices
  • Issued invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Cash journals, receipts and payments, and basis of entry
  • Bookkeeping orders and accounting bases
  • Payroll and contribution accounts ( sole proprietor, owner, etc.)
  • Workers’ personnel files (contracts of employment, registration/de-registration certificates, etc.)
  • VAT invoices with ledgers of received and issued invoices
  • All contracts, offsets, allotments, and other documents on the basis of which transactions have been entered into or bases for entry in the accounts
  • Reminders, summonses, enforcement notices, IOS’
  • Any other documentation not listed above

Pay attention!

Accounting records:

  • Gross balance at 31.12. for all the years in which the accounting services were provided.
  • Chart of accounts for all years of accounting services up to the cut-off date.
  • Chart of accounts for all years of accounting services up to the cut-off date.
  • Printout of open items on the last day of the transfer of accounting or cut-off date.
  • Debt book entry for all years of provision of accounting services up to the cut-off date.
  • Fixed asset register and fixed asset cards for all years of provision of accounting services up to the cut-off date.
  • Depreciation and amortisation accounts for fixed assets for all years of provision of accounting services up to the cut-off date.
  • Annual reports and income tax returns for the sole proprietor for all years of providing accounting services, which have been submitted to AJPES and FURS .
  • Files for tax inspection purposes for all years of operation, separated by year:
    • File GK_YYYY.TXT

The above accounting documentation may be produced electronically by the accounting office and transmitted on CD-ROM or by e-mail to its client.

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of Firmica d.o.o. Accounting

Which service should I choose?

  • posting of business documents to the general ledgers,
  • monitoring accounts receivable and payable, calculating interest on late payments,
  • preparing compensation and sending reminders, IOS’,
  • accounting for salaries, fees, allowances, travel expenses,
  • keeping and accounting for fixed assets,
  • preparation of accounts (VAT, final accounts, etc.),
  • financial accounting, double-entry bookkeeping, material bookkeeping,
  • bookkeeping with balancing, double-entry bookkeeping,
  • documentation, invoicing, offsetting, factoring,
  • contacting tax and administrative authorities,
  • taking part in tax inspections,
  • VAT refunds from EU countries,
  • tax optimisation within EU countries with more favourable tax jurisdictions,
  • advising on buy-outs of own shares,
  • assistance with mergers, divisions and business combinations,
  • preparation of a cash-flow and cash-flow statement,
  • drawing up business plans to obtain credit or leases,
  • Developing business plans as a tool for foreign market penetration,
  • drawing up investment plans for construction and monitoring project liquidity,
  • profitability analysis and profitability calculations,
  • company establishment and accounting services in Croatia.
  • We also offer you a full-time job in an accounting service.

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