of a trademark!

Legal protection of a trademark or design!

Did you know that the trademark name “Kranjska klobasa” can only be used by 10 certified sausage producers in Slovenia? It is a Slovenian dish produced according to a precise recipe and a certified production process, and is of a higher quality.

A protected trademark can be a slogan, a word, a logo, or a combination that distinguishes your product or business from others. A trademark gives you the exclusive right to use the mark in commerce to designate goods or services.

Trademark registration process:

Preliminary enquiry
  • we advise you on what it should be,
  • we make appropriate enquiries as to the correctness, and
  • we arrange your registration documents and help you with the application process.
Advice on how to apply
  • a duly completed application for registration of a trademark (SIPO Z-1),
  • the correct definition and classification of goods and services according to the Nice Classification of Goods and Services,
  • display of the logo in five copies,
  • considering exceptions, such as sound sign protection, subject to additional conditions,
  • payment of the application fee,
  • the representative’s power of attorney.
Formal test

A formal test, in which the Office determines whether the application meets the requirements of the Industrial Property Act and the Regulations on the Content of a TradeMark Application. After the official examination of the application has been completed, the Office verifies whether, taking into account the absolute grounds for refusal of a registered trademark(Articles 42 and 43 of the Industrial Property Act), the applied-for sign can be registered as a trademark.


We can also arrange an objection. The proprietor of a previously registered identical or similar trade mark may, within three months of the date of publication of the application, file a written objection to the registration. If no objection to the registration of the trade mark has been filed, or if the Office finds that the objection is unfounded, it shall request the applicant for the trademark to pay the fee for registration of the trademark.

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